Name Registry

The PunkBuster Name Registry is a premium hosting service offered by Even Balance, Inc. to players, clans and other groups who wish to have their online playing identity verified during gameplay on PunkBuster Enabled game servers.

For individual players who wish to register their full playing name, the hosting fee is US $1 per month. For clans, guilds and other groups, the hosting fee is US $2 per month. For administrative reasons, fees are collected on an annual basis. All major credit cards are accepted via a secure web payment form and since we use PayPal as our payment network, other forms of payment and currency translation are also handled accordingly.

When playing on any PunkBuster Enabled server, players can issue the "pb_plist" command into their game console to see a list of currently connected players (see console screenshot above). Name registrations are shown in this list (up to 3 registrations per player). This system does not prevent non-registered players from wearing a name or tag registerd by others. However, only players who have correctly entered the password into their local PB system will be denoted as *REGISTERED. Note that color codes are ignored by this system; for example, displaying "PBSTAFF" in any color or combination of colors in the player name shown in the screenshot would have still shown the same registration information. Also, registered tags can be worn at the front, at the end, or in the middle of the playing name. Tags may be registered with or without offsetting symbols depending on personal preference.

Additionally, each registration comes with a description (up to 80 characters). For example, clans may want to use this description for the clan name and to publicize their website, IRC channel, etc. In the above screenshot, the first slot displays info for "Player[PBSTAFF]". Note that the *REGISTERED line below the player name shows "PunkBuster Team Member" as the description for the registered name of "PBSTAFF". If just any player changes his or her name to include the "PBSTAFF" text, then no registration line will appear below the name in the "pb_plist" output.

This is not an exclusive system. If a tag or name has been registered previously by one group or player and another subsequently comes along and wants to register the same tag / name, our system will append a "(2)" to the end of the registered tag / name for the second group. The third would have a "(3)" appended, etc. In this manner, every registration record is compeletely unique from all of the others in addition to each registration having its own 80 character description.

We have developed the following webforms for use with this system. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about the Name Registry system.

If you have any problems using any of the following pages or for support with issues regarding an existing Name Registration, please use our Web Ticket System.

  • Search Registrations - search for text in registered names/tags, descriptions and contact names

  • New Name Registration - create a new registered name

  • Change Registration* - edit password or description for an existing registration record

  • *note that Registrations can also be cancelled on the Change Registration page

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